Mobile Sims and security issues

Mobile Sims and security issues

Recently mobile networks have become issue of national security in Pakistan. It has been observed that most of terrorist activities and bomb blasts were conducted with the help of wireless devices such as mobile phones. Similarly, all terrorist activities were also monitored by terrorists through mobile phones and fake registered Sims. By intercepting such communication Ministry of defense of Pakistan concluded the role of mobiles in such devastating events. Therefore, it has been practiced that mobile signals were barred during any important public event in country. Continue reading

Unlimited closure of CNG Gas due to change in price of CNG

Prices of CNG were reduced on orders of Supreme Court in late October 2012. However, CNG Association in different cities such as Lahore announced closure of CNG stations for unlimited period of time in mid November 2012. According to the heads of CNG Association government did not reduce taxes on CNG gas and all added taxes have to be paid by owners of CNG station. Continue reading

Parliamentary Commission Ignores Punjab Assembly Resolution on Dividing Punjab

punjab-assemblyAs you know Pakistan and its residents have been facing a number of serious issues, problems or economic threats for the past few years, including load shedding, sky-rocketing prices of consumer items and fuels, and significant increase in terrorist activities in the northern areas. This is a situation in which everyone needs to be united on any issue on any forum.
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Raja Pervez Ashraf Got Three More Weeks to Write Letter

AshrafWriting letter to Swiss authorities against President Asif Ali Zardari is very hot topic to discuss across Pakistan at the moment. Pakistani Prime Minister Raja Pervez Ashraf has been carrying out the same path of refusing or delaying the court orders to do so since he took the charge of his post. The latest updates of this issue claim that Mr. Ashraf has been given another time period of three weeks for this activity because he claimed he is busy at the moment.

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India Sabotaged Pakistani Cricket by Lahore Attack and Now Resuming Cricketing Activities with Pakistan

409003-nasirjamshedpakistanindiareuters-1342429548-603-640x480It was India and their media that spoke widely against Lahore attack against Sri Lankan cricket team. They criticized Pakistani security level as well as the environment for cricket in Pakistan. But later on, investigation proved Indian involvement in all this security laps drama in Lahore, Punjab, Pakistan. Continue reading

Pakistan and United States Near to Strike Deal on NATO Supply Routes

nato1As you know the NATO supply routes have been closed for months and American as well as NATO authorities are not allowed to use Pakistan as their route to supply anything to the NATO troops in Afghanistan. This act of Pakistani government emerged when NATO forces attacked at one of our border bunker just around the Afghanistan-Pakistan border that resulted in killing around 24 Pakistani soldiers. Continue reading

Raja Pervaiz Ashraf – Newly Elected Prime Minister

161408Raja Pervaiz Ashraf is not a new name in Pakistani politics but is a new figure on the most superior seat for publicly elected people in this Asian country. He was born on December 26, 1950 in a nearby village to city Gujar Khan. He recently assumed the position of Prime Minister of Pakistan as the seventeenth politician who reached to this top-level position in intention to serve the nation much better than the previous one. Continue reading