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Holders of Public Offices Should Have Immunity during Tenure

National-Assembly-protestLaws are always the supreme authority and priority in almost all democratic countries of the world, but unfortunately, these are the least priority in our country. Generally people break laws and the top leaders or holders of the public offices provide them awareness to obey laws and rules and regulations set by their administrations. But in fact, the thing is totally different in Pakistan.

Here we see people abiding by the laws and a majority of public office holders consider they are free from any kind of law, and love breaking laws whenever they need. Now our beloved National Assembly is going to approve another criminal-natured law that will give immunity to top leaders or you may say holders of the public offices.

These holders of the public offices could not be contacted by the court for any contempt of court act as far as they have been serving the nation in their offices. You know, we recently saw departure of our former Prime Minister Mr. Yousuf Raza Gillani just because of court. Now our new Prime Minister Mr. Raja Pervaiz Ashraf are also on the same track as the former PM followed in his tenure.

So there are bright chances for Mr. Raja Pervaiz Ashraf of getting out-ruled by the judiciary only if he also doesn’t obey the court ruling for writing letter against Mr. President. So our Law Minister presented this Contempt of Court Bill yesterday in the lower house (National Assembly). Don’t you think it is another way to protect criminals if somehow they made their way to Parliament?

Though Muslim League (N Group) claimed this bill a “Black Law” and walked out of the voting session, but unfortunately it eventually got passed from the lower house (National Assembly) of the parliament. I can’t believe that. Can anyone be greater than the law in any democratic country? Is this the way Islam teaches us to rule over nations? To me, the bill is really an amazing yet most shameful act of the current parliament.

Now the bill has got passed by the National Assembly and if it gets passed by the Senate, it will be another marvelous effort of the current government to make loop holes. It will give them more convenience to do whatever they want.

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