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India Sabotaged Pakistani Cricket by Lahore Attack and Now Resuming Cricketing Activities with Pakistan

409003-nasirjamshedpakistanindiareuters-1342429548-603-640x480It was India and their media that spoke widely against Lahore attack against Sri Lankan cricket team. They criticized Pakistani security level as well as the environment for cricket in Pakistan. But later on, investigation proved Indian involvement in all this security laps drama in Lahore, Punjab, Pakistan. It brought double standard or dual face of Indian authorities to the world that never leave a single chance to damage international image of this rapidly emerging country of the South-East Asian region.

It was truly a tragic day for all the cricketing fans in Pakistan when the news of attack on Sri Lankan cricket team surfaced in media. The attackers used heavy explosive including rocket launchers as authorities seized nine explosive and around four rocket launchers from the scene. It was a well planned terrorist attack to damage not only the international prestige of the country but to worsen cricketing conditions in Pakistan and the country behind was none other than India (proved later on).

This successful attempt of Indian authorities put international cricket away from our country for years and none of the internationally recognized cricket teams is available to play in any venue of our country even today. People love cricket, they like to see their favorite players in action in the field. There are thousands of cricket fans that love stylish batting of Virender Sehwag and Sachin Tendulkar, because they love cricket without boundaries. They don’t relate cricket with politics at all.

It all reminds me today only because I read a statement issued from the Board of Cricket Control in India (BCCI) that they want to resume cricketing activities with Pakistan, and first step is from Pakistan that will be seen in action in the Indian fields in December this year. Both will play two Twenty20 Internationals as well as three One-Day Internationals in this tour.

India successfully kept cricket away from Pakistan just to promote IPL (Indian premier League) in their country because it was Pakistan that first tried to initiate such tournament in the country. Well, I really couldn’t understand this dual face or double standard from India. Pakistan need to focus on their interests and should tackle the current ban on cricketing in Pakistan.

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