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Mobile Sims and security issues

Mobile Sims and security issues
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Mobile Sims and security issues

Recently mobile networks have become issue of national security in Pakistan. It has been observed that most of terrorist activities and bomb blasts were conducted with the help of wireless devices such as mobile phones. Similarly, all terrorist activities were also monitored by terrorists through mobile phones and fake registered Sims. By intercepting such communication Ministry of defense of Pakistan concluded the role of mobiles in such devastating events. Therefore, it has been practiced that mobile signals were barred during any important public event in country. Initially, the signals of all mobile networks were barred on Eid-ul-Azha this year in all major cities. It has been observed that government acquired satisfactory results from this action. Then in Moharram 2012, mobile signals were barred for 9th Moharram and 10th Moharram to prevent any terrorist activities.

Now, Defense ministry has decided that it is important to monitor dispersal of mobile Sims to unauthorized people. Therefore, it has been announced by Rahman Malik that after 30th November, mobile Sims are not going to be sold in regular shops. Proper procedure will be set for selling and purchasing of mobile Sims to users. Buyer will be obliged to provide proof of his identity through attested documents. Afterwards, the sim will be delivered to residence of user after verification of person identity. This step will help to prevent issuance of mobile Sims to unauthorized people and communication can be restricted between terrorists.

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