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Pakistan and United States Near to Strike Deal on NATO Supply Routes

nato1As you know the NATO supply routes have been closed for months and American as well as NATO authorities are not allowed to use Pakistan as their route to supply anything to the NATO troops in Afghanistan. This act of Pakistani government emerged when NATO forces attacked at one of our border bunker just around the Afghanistan-Pakistan border that resulted in killing around 24 Pakistani soldiers. This act of NATO forces was all in a sudden that Pakistani military couldn’t even respond and lost 24 precious lives in an hour and half-hour long attack of the NATO forces. It made Pakistani people mad and authorities had to cut all supply routes from Pakistan to NATO forces in Afghanistan.
These routes are yet closed but NATO and American authorities have been forcing Pakistani authorities for months to re-open these routes that are causing them a great loss of money and time. This would be truly a very shameful act of Pakistani government if they make and agree upon any deal to open these supply routes. Though the government has lost its support and well wishers in the Pakistani people, but they should prove themselves a patriotic government and shouldn’t allow NATO supply to be routed through Pakistan. NATO and American forces / authorities even didn’t apology on these killings and blamed it was a two-side attack that was triggered from Pakistani forces. Could you believe that all of our military men died in this attack and not a single NATO soldier could get even hurt? Do you think Pakistani military is such bullshit? Pakistani government must think twice and shouldn’t open NATO supply routes and must stay away from any such deal especially if the administration wants it next turn to rule this country.

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