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Parliamentary Commission Ignores Punjab Assembly Resolution on Dividing Punjab

punjab-assemblyAs you know Pakistan and its residents have been facing a number of serious issues, problems or economic threats for the past few years, including load shedding, sky-rocketing prices of consumer items and fuels, and significant increase in terrorist activities in the northern areas. This is a situation in which everyone needs to be united on any issue on any forum.

But our top leaders (regardless of their association with any political party) have been wasting their energies in breaking our most populated province Punjab into pieces. Punjab Assembly has approved a resolution in this regard but it couldn’t get approved from the Parliamentary Commission which has been specifically created for this purpose. Well, it could be difficult for the provincial management to cope up with a long list of issues, problems in a country like Pakistan.

So it could be a positive point for the betterment of the local residents but only if it is for the sake of solving the problems of innocent people of Punjab, Pakistan. As we have been searching for a serious, loyal and pure Pakistani leader to lead our province and country to the height of prosperity, so it is really difficult to understand that there is no other benefit of our leaders behind breaking Punjab into pieces.

I hope people will have their dreams come true after this division. They will have their problems solved in timely manner. To me, it is a serious threat to our future and now we will have more leaders (in top list) to fight with our administration sitting in the federal government.

ISLAMABAD: The Parliamentary Commission on dividing Punjab has ignored the Punjab Assembly resolution rejecting its composition, the boycott of its proceedings by PML-N or the opposition demand to defer carving out the new federating units in the majority province.


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