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Raja Pervaiz Ashraf – Newly Elected Prime Minister

161408Raja Pervaiz Ashraf is not a new name in Pakistani politics but is a new figure on the most superior seat for publicly elected people in this Asian country. He was born on December 26, 1950 in a nearby village to city Gujar Khan. He recently assumed the position of Prime Minister of Pakistan as the seventeenth politician who reached to this top-level position in intention to serve the nation much better than the previous one.

Raja Pervaiz Ashraf has also served the nation being a federal minister to Water and Power from March 2008 to February 2011. He is known as a senior leader in currently largest political party in Pakistan i.e. Pakistan Peoples Party (PPP). People have different opinions about this new prime minister of the nation. He could not earn a very good reputation being a federal minister of Water and Power as could not fulfill his commitment to the hottest topic at the moment in this country.

Raja Pervaiz Ashraf always stated that load shedding problem would no longer exist than 31st December, but no one knows the year. Though the promise was for year 2009 but the nation is still searching for this promise to get fulfilled from this so-called democratically elected government. People suffered from previous dictatorship in Pakistan, voted in majority to bring democratic government in the country to get their problem resolved.

But instead they got a significant increase in all their national issues including the issue of power load shedding. Mostly people believe that this change will never be fruitful for them as the new prime minister neither has a clean past of fulfilling his promises nor belongs to the opposition. He will also follow the decisions made by their party’s co-chairman who is also the President of Pakistan.

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