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Raja Pervez Ashraf Got Three More Weeks to Write Letter

AshrafWriting letter to Swiss authorities against President Asif Ali Zardari is very hot topic to discuss across Pakistan at the moment. Pakistani Prime Minister Raja Pervez Ashraf has been carrying out the same path of refusing or delaying the court orders to do so since he took the charge of his post. The latest updates of this issue claim that Mr. Ashraf has been given another time period of three weeks for this activity because he claimed he is busy at the moment.

Pakistani government has to write this letter to Swiss authorities just to reopen corruption cases against a person holding the supreme position in the country, as per court orders. Prime Minister of Pakistan made his court appearance yesterday and the end result was of next hearing on September 18, 2012, because he was given another three-week time to write this letter.

September 18 is going to be the deadline for writing letter to Swiss authorities as well as a date that could make history. 2012 would be the only year in Pakistani history that would bring Pakistani Prime Minister in Supreme Court for the fifth in same year. I think there is no way to deny court orders and there should not any immunity particularly to any top-rated personnel / official in a developing country like Pakistan especially in corruption cases.

I think, if Mr. President is clear and he was not involved in any kind of corruption, then there won’t be any difficulty for the government officials to write a letter to Swiss authorities. They are denying court orders only because there is something that is being hidden or tried to be hidden. Whatever is the reason behind the fact is that people of Pakistan have full rights to know the fact behind these corruption charges against their president.

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