Unlimited closure of CNG Gas due to change in price of CNG

Prices of CNG were reduced on orders of Supreme Court in late October 2012. However, CNG Association in different cities such as Lahore announced closure of CNG stations for unlimited period of time in mid November 2012. According to the heads of CNG Association government did not reduce taxes on CNG gas and all added taxes have to be paid by owners of CNG station. CNG consumers and other vehicle owners offering services of transportation have to face problems in earning their bread and butter. Students and people from every walk of life using public transport as their only mean of transportation also deal with this problem and unable to perform their duties on time.

Due to this entire scenario Oil and Gas Regulatory Authority OGRA has decided to revise price of CNG and suggested to increase price of by 10 Rupees 56 Paisa per KG. The decision will be finalized after approving from federal government. In different regions price of gas will increase differently. In Region- 1 that includes area of Baluchistan, Khyber Pakhtonkhwa, Gujar Khan, Islamabad and Rawalpindi the price of CNG will fluctuate from Rs61.64 to 72.20 per kg. In Region-2 that includes Punjab and Sindh the price will rise from Rs 54.16 to Rs 63.76 per kg. It was also said that OGRA has reduced operational cost that was supposed to be paid by owners of CNG stations. However, it has been a controversial issue and CNG owners shut down CNG stations until the new price will be implemented by government.

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