US Supply Line Blockade Entered Into Third Week

supply-afghanistan-pakistan-reduced-35-1324299151Pakistan and United States are currently going through the critical phase of their bilateral relationships that started immediately after a NATO attack over Pakistani security forces. The protest of Pakistani government resulted into supply line blockade of United States to Afghanistan. This blockade is being described as longest in 10-year history as it has entered into third week this Saturday.

There is still no sign of reopening of Pak-Afghan border from the Pakistani government. Te fragile alliance of Pakistan crashed on November 26 (nearly two weeks ago) with United States shortly after 24 Pakistani soldiers were killed by NATO air strikes. This attack was declared by Pakistan military officials as a planned attack.

Though an initial report claimed that President Asif Ali Zardari was dialed by US President Barack Obama to offer condolences over this tragedy, but the official apology had been correlated to a military investigation whose result is being expected on December 23.

Pakistan did not stop here but American personnel were also asked to leave that air base until Sunday which was being used for drone attacks. Currently the supply line to NATO and US soldiers to Afghanistan has been stopped by Pakistan by sealing the border.

Minimum 34 trucks got destroyed by angry gunmen (two nights ago) who hit them through a rocket attack. These trucks were parked in Balochistan on a trucking terminal of NATO.

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